Tavern Town by Alexander Nakarada at SerpentSound Studios

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Ambient Bongos (mp3) 1:28
Bit O Fun With The Crew (mp3) 1:16
Blacksmith (mp3) 2:41
Bonfire (mp3) 1:39
Celebration (mp3) 2:23
Celtic Ambiance (mp3) 4:14
Celtic Atmosphere (mp3) 4:08
Entertainment (mp3) 2:38
Farm (mp3) 3:26
Góða Nótt (mp3) 3:45
Happy Farmlife (mp3) 2:07
Happy Place (mp3) 3:02
Haven (mp3) 2:33
Horsemen Approach (ft. Kevin Macleod) (mp3) 3:23
Magic Tavern (mp3) 6:28
Marked (mp3) 2:33
Mjвi (mp3) 3:30
Mysterious Adventure (mp3) 3:01
One Bard Band (mp3) 3:03
Planning (mp3) 3:36
Posh Castle Feast (loop Ready) (mp3) 2:00
Shelter Song (mp3) 5:08
Solitude Of An Era (mp3) 7:20
Sorrow (mp3) 3:04
Tam Lin (mp3) 4:22
Tavern Brawl (ft. Kevin Macleod) (mp3) 4:30
Tavern Loop One (mp3) 2:23
The Empire (mp3) 2:36
The Streets Of Prague (mp3) 2:16
Townsong (mp3) 3:06
Tribal Joy (mp3) 2:54
Village Ambiance (mp3) 6:17

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