Dragon's Hoard Twilight (Archivist) by Moonlight Maps

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Ancient Portal 01a Ruin Day
Ancient Portal 01b Ruin Night
Ancient Portal 02a Underdark
Ancient Portal 03a Underwater
Ancient Portal 04a Green Portal
Ancient Portal 04b Purple Portal
Ancient Portal 05a Mist Day
Ancient Portal 05b Mist Night
Ancient Portal 06a Blood Portal Day
Ancient Portal 06b Blood Portal Night
Canyon Pass 01a Day
Canyon Pass 01b Night
Canyon Pass 02a Lava Day
Canyon Pass 02b Lava Night
Canyon Pass 03a Mystic Night
Canyon Pass 04a Snow Day
Canyon Pass 04b Snow Night
Canyon Pass 05a River Day
Canyon Pass 05b River Night
City Market 01a Day
City Market 01b Lit Night
City Market 01c Empty Night
City Market 02a Snow Day
City Market 02b Snow Lit Night
City Market 02c Snow Empty Night
City Market 03a Mist Day
City Market 03b Mist Lit Night
City Market 03c Mist Empty Night
Coastal Forest 01a Day
Coastal Forest 01b Night
Coastal Forest 02a Mist Day
Coastal Forest 02b Mist Night
Coastal Forest 03a Snow Day
Coastal Forest 03b Snow Night
Coastal Forest 04a Toxic Day
Coastal Forest 04b Toxic Night
Coastal Forest 05a Camp Day
Coastal Forest 05b Camp Night
Colossus Statue 01a Day
Colossus Statue 01b Night
Colossus Statue 01c Lighthouse Night
Colossus Statue 01d Camp Night
Colossus Statue 02a Snow Day
Colossus Statue 02b Snow Night
Colossus Statue 02c Snow Camp Night
Colossus Statue 03a Desert Day
Colossus Statue 03b Desert Night
Colossus Statue 04a Underwater
Dungeon Cult 01a Lit
Dungeon Cult 01b Unlit
Dungeon Cult 01c Ruin
Dungeon Cult 02a Bridge Lit
Dungeon Cult 02b Bridge Unlit
Dungeon Cult 02c Bridge Ruin
Dungeon Cult 03a Blue
Dungeon Cult 03b Green
Dungeon Cult 04a Lava
Dungeon Cult 05a Underwater
Dungeon Prison 01a Unlit
Dungeon Prison 01b Lit
Dungeon Prison 01c Empty
Dungeon Prison 02a Fire
Dungeon Prison 03a Ice
Dungeon Prison 04a Mage
Dungeon Prison 05a Ruin
Dungeon Prison 06a Sand
Dungeon Prison 06b Sand Collapse
Dungeon Prison 07a Tesla
Forest Valley 01a Day
Forest Valley 01b River Day
Forest Valley 02a Night
Forest Valley 02b River Night
Forest Valley 03a Snow Day
Forest Valley 03b Snow River Day
Forest Valley 04a Snow Night
Forest Valley 04b Snow River Night
Forest Valley 05a Mist Day
Forest Valley 05b Mist Night
Impact Crater 01a Forest Day
Impact Crater 01b Forest Night
Impact Crater 02a Fire
Impact Crater 02b Magic
Impact Crater 03a Meteor Forest Day
Impact Crater 03b Meteor Forest Night
Impact Crater 04a Meteor Mud Day
Impact Crater 04b Meteor Mud Night
Impact Crater 05a Snow Day
Impact Crater 05b Snow Night
Sink Hole 01a Grass Day
Sink Hole 01c Grass Night
Sink Hole 01d Grass Trees Night
Sink Hole 02a Mine Day
Sink Hole 02b Mine Night
Sink Hole 04a Lava Day
Sink Hole 04b Lava Night
Temple Heart 01a Temple Day
Temple Heart 01b Temple Night
Temple Heart 02a Desert Day
Temple Heart 02b Desert Night
Temple Heart 03a Fire
Temple Heart 04a Magic
Temple Heart 05a Overgrown Day
Temple Heart 05b Overgrown Night
Temple Heart 06a Smoke Day
Temple Heart 06b Smoke Night

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01 Sfx / Beach Gulls Harbour Ships (mp3) 0:56
01 Sfx / Beach Just Waves (mp3) 2:04
01 Sfx / Blacksmith (mp3) 3:00
01 Sfx / Burning Blaze (mp3) 0:39
01 Sfx / Cave Ambience (mp3) 4:12
01 Sfx / Dark Cave Ambience (mp3) 1:10
01 Sfx / Day Forest (mp3) 4:54
01 Sfx / Energy Cracking (mp3) 0:43
01 Sfx / Energy Hum (mp3) 0:34
01 Sfx / Fire Sounds (mp3) 1:45
01 Sfx / Loud Rain Storm (mp3) 6:33
01 Sfx / Magic Cast Portal (mp3) 0:21
01 Sfx / Magical Sound (mp3) 1:19
01 Sfx / Marsh Bugs Birds Blastwavefx 19733 (mp3) 1:00
01 Sfx / Night Sounds (mp3) 3:36
01 Sfx / River (mp3) 2:01
01 Sfx / Scary Portal (mp3) 0:37
01 Sfx / Stream (mp3) 0:40
01 Sfx / Swamp Ambience (mp3) 3:38
01 Sfx / Swamp Bubbling (mp3) 2:16
01 Sfx / Tavern (mp3) 6:40
01 Sfx / Thunder Storm (mp3) 1:32
01 Sfx / Town Sounds (mp3) 3:00
01 Sfx / Waterfall (mp3) 2:10
01 Sfx / Wind Chimes Magical (mp3) 0:45
01 Sfx / Wind Forest (mp3) 3:38
Sfx / Burning Blaze (mp3) 0:39
Sfx / Cave Ambience (mp3) 4:12
Sfx / Dark Cave Ambience (mp3) 1:10
Sfx / Day Forest (mp3) 4:54
Sfx / Fire Sounds (mp3) 1:45
Sfx / Lava (mp3) 3:02
Sfx / Mountain (mp3) 2:51
Sfx / Night Sounds (mp3) 3:36
Sfx / River (mp3) 2:01
Sfx / Scifi Drone (mp3) 2:12
Sfx / Stream (mp3) 0:40
Sfx / Town Sounds (mp3) 3:00
Sfx / Waterfall (mp3) 2:10
Audio / Burning Blaze (mp3) 0:39
Audio / Cave Ambience (mp3) 4:12
Audio / Dark Cave Ambience (mp3) 1:10
Audio / Day Forest (mp3) 4:54
Audio / Fire Sounds (mp3) 1:45
Audio / Mountain (mp3) 2:51
Audio / Night Sounds (mp3) 3:36
Audio / River (mp3) 2:01
Audio / Small Stream Close Perspective Occasional Bird (mp3) 2:01
Audio / Stream (mp3) 0:40
Audio / Town Sounds (mp3) 3:00
Sounds / 387695 Amb Nature Forest General Quiet Deep Birds (mp3) 4:54
Sounds / Night Crickets Frogs (mp3) 3:36

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