City Lower City by PogS Props

Discover all assets included in this pack ... 24 Scenes, 1 Images, and also How to get access?

Alley Winter 150pps
Ambush In The Alley Night
Ambush In The Alley Night Torchlit
Basement Lab 11x10@150pps
Brothel 150pps
Fire Arena 70x70@150pps
Fire Giant Arena 70x70@150pps
City Prison North 150pps
City Prison South 150pps
Coastal Keep
Port Continental
Port Continental Bare
Port Continental Bare 2
Port Continental Ships Burning
Port Continental Warehouses Burning
Main Square Night
Main Square Night Illuminated
Market 150pps
Mausoleum 3 18x13@150pps
Slums Fire
Slums Night
Slums Night 2
Slums Sunset
Smuggler Hideout 30x40@150pps

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