City Inns by PogS Props

Discover all assets included in this pack ... 20 Scenes, and also How to get access?

Black Antlers Clean 150pps
Black Antlers Unfurnished
Black Antlers Unfurnished Gridded
Blushing Mermaid Daytime
Elfsong Tavern V2 21x20@150pps
Elfsong Tavern First Floor 21x20@150pps
Elfsong Tavern
Elfsong Tavern 1st Floor
Elfsong Tavern 1st Floor Gridded
Elfsong Tavern Gridded
Cultist House Roll20 150pps
Cultist Lair 150pps
Black Antlers Exterior
Tavern 150pps
Low Lantern 140pps
Low Lantern Gridded 140pps
Low Lantern Guest Deck
Low Lantern Main Deck
Low Lantern Tavern Deck
Low Lantern Tavern Lounge

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