All map packs from 2021 & 2022 by Angela Maps (SAGames)

Discover all assets included in this pack ... 572 Scenes, 1,055 Images, and also How to get access?

00 Sewer
01 Underdark
02 Ground Floor
03 Fire
04 Chess
05 Demonic
06 Brewery
07 Aquarium
08 Assembly Line
09 Garden
1 0 Dragon Cave
1 1 Dragon Cave Cracked Floor
1 2 Dragon Cave Ice Shards
1 3 Dragon Cave Full Magma
10 Casting
11 Chapel
12 Frozen
13 Golem
14 Spider
15 Maze
16 Beach
17 Prison
18 Desert
19 Forest
2 0 Dragon Cave
2 1 Dragon Cave Cracked Floor
2 2 Dragon Cave Ice Shards
2 3 Dragon Cave Full Magma
20 Bottle Storage
21 Clones
22 Trashed
23 Inn
24 Crypt
25 Lab
26 Jumping
27 Library
28 Stable
29 Vampire
30 Treasure
31 Void
32 Titan
33 Tentacle
34 Observatory
35 Gift Shop
36 Penthouse
98 Empty
99 Wide Empty
Abandoned Metro Red Train
Abandoned Metro
Abdomen Animated
Abyss Animated
Abyss Glow Animated
Abyss Glow
Abyss Lava Animated
Abyss Lava
Abyss Water Animated
Abyss Water
Alley Animated
Arctic Animated
Arena Flooded
Arena Grate
Arena Race
Arena Stage
Arena Trap Doors
Asteroids Animated
Asteroids Arcane
Asteroids Stars
Attic Broken
Attic Repaired
Basement Broken
Basement Repaired
Blacksmith Animated
Blue Glow Jungle
Blue Jungle
Camp Animated
Canal Day
Canal Fey Fog
Canal Night Animated
Canal Night
Canal Perspective Animated
Canal Perspective
Canyon Entrance Animated
Canyon Entrance
Canyon High Water
Canyon Low Water
Cathedral Of The Fallen Angel Green Death
Cathedral Of The Fallen Angel Ice
Cathedral Of The Fallen Angel Sacrifice
Cathedral Of The Fallen Angel
Cavern Of Life Animated
Cavern Of Life Day
Cavern Of Life Stones Up
Cavern Of Life
Chest Animated
Church Animated
Circle Of Dreams Animated
Circle Of Dreams
Circle Of Moon Animated
Circle Of Shepherd Animated
Circle Of Spores Animated
Circle Of Spores
Circle Of Stars Animated
Circle Of Stars
Circle Of The Land Animated Arctic
Circle Of The Land Arctic
Circle Of The Moon
Circle Of The Shepherd
Circle Of Wildfire Animated
Circle Of Wildfire
City Gate Night
City Gate Winter
City Gate
City Streets
Cliff Animated
Cliff Rocky Animated
Cliff Rocky
Cliff Snow Animated
Cliff Snow
Clockwork Planet Animated
Clockwork Planet Green Animated
Clockwork Planet Green
Clockwork Planet Lava Animated
Clockwork Planet Lava
Clockwork Planet Smoke Animated
Clockwork Planet Smoke
Clockwork Planet
Coach House
Courthouse Day
Courthouse Night
Courthouse Winter
Crater Lava Animated
Crater Lava
Crater Oasis Animated
Crater Oasis
Crater Obelisk Animated
Crater Obelisk
Crater Orb Animated
Crater Orb
Crater Satellite
Crater Tar Pit Animated
Crater Tar Pit
Crater Winter
Creepy Fern Circle
Crystal Cavern Animated
Crystal Cavern Fire Animated
Crystal Cavern Fire
Crystal Cavern
Dark Entrance Animated
Dark Entrance Breaking Animated
Dark Entrance
Dark Forest Gazebo 2
Dark Forest Gazebo 3
Dark Forest Gazebo Animated
Dark Forest Gazebo Tree 2
Dark Forest Gazebo Tree
Dark Forest Gazebo
Dark Forest Meeting Stone Animated
Dark Forest Meeting Stone
Dark Forest River Animated
Dark Forest River
Desert City Night
Desert City
Dining Room
Dragon S Rest Animated
Dragon S Rest
Dreams Animated
Dry Broken Land
Eyeball Bridge
Eyeball Garden Los
Eyeball Garden
Eyeball Siege
Farm Country Night
Farm Country Winter
Farm Country
Fight Night Animated
Fight Night Stairs Animated
Fight Night Stairs
Fight Night Tree Animated
Fight Night Tree
Fight Night
Final Rest
Fire Portal Animated
Fire Portal
First Floor Evil
First Floor Evil Animated
First Floor
Floor 1 Broken
Floor 1 Repaired
Floor 2 Broken
Floor 2 Repaired
Floor 3 Broken
Floor 3 Repaired
Forest Ambush Night
Forest Ambush
Forest Fey Animated
Forest Fey
Forest Night
Forest River Autumn
Forest River Fey
Forest River
Four Seasons
Frozen Animated
Functional Metro Animated
Functional Metro
Gallows City
Gallows Country
Gardens Animated
Gardens Evening
Gardens Evening Animated
Gardens Ruined Animated
Gardens Ruined
Glow 1 Mushrooms Animated
Glow 1 Mushrooms
Glow 1 Portal Animated
Glow 1 Portal
Glow 2 Animated
Glow 2
Glow 3 Animated
Glow 3
Glow Jungle
Grasslands Dry
Grasslands Rain Animated
Graveyard Animated
Greenhouse Arctic
Greenhouse Desert Animated
Greenhouse Desert
Greenhouse Moon
Greenhouse Water Animated
Greenhouse Water
Guillotine City
Guillotine Country
Hacienda Open Night
Hacienda Open
Hacienda Roof Roof
Hacienda Roof
Hacienda With Layers
Head Animated
Hell Bridge Animated
Hell Bridge
Hell Pit Acid Animated
Hell Pit Acid
Hell Pit Alt Cage Animated
Hell Pit Alt Cage
Hell Pit Animated
Hell Pit Fey Animated
Hell Pit Fey
Hell Pit No Cage Animated
Hell Pit No Cage
Hell Pit
Hell Portal Animated Bats
Hell Portal Animated
Hell Portal
Hell Wave
Hellscape 1 Lava Animated
Hellscape 1 Lava
Hellscape 1 Styx Animated
Hellscape 1 Styx
Hellscape 2 Fire Animated
Hellscape 2 Fire
Hellscape 2 Smoke Animated
Hellscape 2 Smoke
Hellscape 3 Styx Animated
Hellscape 3 Styx
Hellscape Animated
Hellscape3 Lava Animated
Hellscape3 Lava
Hip Animated
Holiday Market Animated
Holiday Market
Hospital Escape
Hospital Night
Hot Springs Animated
Hot Springs Eruption Animated
Hot Springs Eruption
Hot Springs
Icemaker Animated
Island Animated
Island Ash Animated
Island Ash
Island Empty Animated
Island Empty
Islands Animated
Jungle Entrance Animated
Jungle Entrance
Kraken Animated
Kraken Train Animated
Kraken Train
Lab Animated
Lab Dark
Lab Erie
Lab Sunset
Lady Of Pain Green Animated
Lady Of Pain Green
Lady Of Pain Market Animated
Lady Of Pain Market
Lady Of Pain Sigil Animated
Lady Of Pain Sigil
Lava Animated
Law Office Blond Lower
Law Office Blond Upper
Law Office Hell Lower
Law Office Hell Upper
Law Office Normal Lower
Law Office Normal Upper
Leg Animated
Library 1st Trashed
Library 1st
Library 2nd Trashed
Library 2nd
Library 3rd Trashed
Library 3rd Trashed Stolen
Library 3rd
Lily Pads Animated
Lily Pads
Live Animated
Magic Forge Lava Animated
Magic Forge Lava
Magic Forge Sky Animated
Magic Forge Sky
Magic Forge Water Animated
Magic Forge Water
Market Animated
Minauros 1 Animated
Minauros 1
Minauros 2 Animated
Minauros 2
Minauros 3 Animated
Minauros 3
Mine Green Glow
Mine Normal
Mine Warm
Moon Animated
Mountain Fog Animated
Mountain Fog
Mountain Snow Animated
Mountain Snow
Mushroom Forest Animated
Mushroom Forest Blue Animated
Mushroom Forest Blue
Mushroom Forest Night Animated
Mushroom Forest Night
Mushroom Forest
No Kraken Animated
No Kraken
Non Magic Forge Lava Animated
Non Magic Forge Lava
Ocean Cave Animated
Ocean Cave
Opera House Dark
Opera House Emerald
Opera House
Orange Crystals Animated
Orange Crystals
Orange Jungle
Orc Camp Animated
Orc Camp Water Animated
Orc Camp Water
Orc Camp
Orcs By The River
Pharaoh S Tomb Moon Animated
Pharaoh S Tomb Moon
Pharaoh S Tomb Rainbow Animated
Pharaoh S Tomb Rainbow
Pharaoh S Tomb Sun Animated
Pharaoh S Tomb Sun
Pharaoh S Tomb
Police Morgue Lower
Police Morgue Lower Dark
Police Upper
Police Upper Dark
Purple Jungle
Rainbow Jungle
River Animated
River Cave Animated
River Cave Animated
River Cave Expanded Animated
River Cave Expanded
River Cave Man Made
River Cave Winter
River Cave
Road To Dis
Saloon Lower Trashed
Saloon Lower
Saloon Upper Trashed
Saloon Upper
Sassy Arista
Scrap Yard Animated
Scrap Yard Green Glow Animated
Scrap Yard Green Glow
Scrap Yard Purple Glow Animated
Scrap Yard Purple Glow
Scrap Yard Temporal Rift Animated
Scrap Yard Temporal Rift
Scrap Yard
Sea City Night No Boat
Sea City Night
Sea City No Boat
Sea City
Sea Portal Animated
Sea Portal
Second Floor Evil
Second Floor Evil Animated
Second Floor
Sewer Animated
Sewer Clean Animated
Sewer Clean
Sewer Fire Animated
Sewer Fire
Shepherd Animated
Ship Boarding Animated
Ship Boarding
Ship Graveyard Animated
Ship Graveyard Kraken
Ship Graveyard Night
Ship Graveyard
Shoulder Animated
Sky Island
Snowy Frozen River
Snowy Snowing Animated
Spores Animated
Stars Animated
Starstone Animated
Stary Sky Island Animated
Stary Sky Island
Steampunk Portal Animated
Steampunk Portal
Stockades City
Stockades Country
Stolen Rest
Stonemaker Animated
Stormy Sky Island
Sweet Adeline
Temple Of Evil Bottom Animated
Temple Of Evil Bottom
Temple Of Evil Top Animated
Temple Of Evil Top
Temple Of Sune Bottom Animated
Temple Of Sune Bottom
Temple Of Sune Top Animated
Temple Of Sune Top
The Hive Animated
The Hive Dark
The Hive Erie
The Hive Red Tone
The Hive
The Portal Animated
The Portal Cold
The Portal
The River
Third Floor Evil
Third Floor Evil Animated
Third Floor
Time Machine
Time Wave
Titan S Rise Alt Animated
Titan S Rise Alt
Titan S Rise Animated
Titan S Rise Lava Alt Animated
Titan S Rise Lava Alt
Titan S Rise Lava Animated
Titan S Rise Lava
Titan S Rise Water Alt Animated
Titan S Rise Water Alt
Titan S Rise Water Animated
Titan S Rise Water
Titan S Rise
Tournament Night
Tournament Winter
Tower By The River Animated
Tower By The River
Toxic Glow Jungle
Toxic Jungle
Toy Shop Lower Level
Toy Shop Upper Level
Tundra Cliff
Tundra Lake Animated
Tundra Lake
Tundra Snow
Under The Sea Animated
Under The Sea Murky
Under The Sea Murky Animated
Under The Sea No Cave
Under The Sea No Cave Animated
Under The Sea Red
Under The Sea Red Animated
Under The Sea
Valley Of Kings Frozen
Valley Of Kings Night
Valley Of Kings
Volcano Animated
Volcano Cold
Volcano Skull
Warehouse Night
Water Temple Animated
Water Temple Orb Animated
Water Temple Orb
Water Temple Plant Animated
Water Temple Plant
Water Temple Statue Animated
Water Temple Statue
Water Temple
Waterfall Alt Animated
Waterfall Alt
Waterfall Animated
Wharf Animated Battle
Wharf Animated Kracken
Wharf Animated
Wharf Battle
Wharf Kracken
Wharf Night
Wildfire Animated
Yawning Portal First Floor
Yawning Portal Second Floor
Yawning Portal Third Floor

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