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Castle Gothic Level 01 Optimized
Gnollspine Keep 01 Optimized
Gnollspine Keep 02 Optimized
Gnollspine Keep B1 Optimized
Keep Multilevel
01 Magic Dungeon Mega Demo Optimized
Galleon Multilevel
Galleon Airship
Galleon Icebound
Ghost Ship L1 Main Deck
The Poachers' Hideout
The Town 01 Town Square
The Town 01.1 Town Square Underground
Tower Lvl01 Entrance
Tower Lvl02 Magic
Tower Lvl03 Guest Rooms
Tower Lvl04 Library
Church Holy Light Multilevel
City The East Gate Optimized
City Street Optimized
Docks Coastal Docks Optimized
Docks On Fire
Magic Shop
Neighborhood 01 Optimized
Neighborhood 02 Optimized
Sample Desert Market Optimized
Tavern Yawning Multilevel
Townsquare Muddy
Townsquare Snowy
Forest Road
The Multiportal
Sample Jungle 02 Outpost Optimized
Sample Swamp Optimized
Wilderness Forest Path Defended Optimized

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