The MAD Cartographer Endless Wizard Tower by The MAD Cartographer

Discover all assets included in this pack ... 23 Scenes, 44 Images, 21 Audio, and also How to get access?

Endwiztow Empty Chamber
Endwiztow01 Gate
Endwiztow02 Library
Endwiztow03 Observatory
Endwiztow04 Herbalist Garden
Endwiztow05 Frozen Artifact
Endwiztow06 Class Quarters
Endwiztow07 S Ance
Endwiztow08 Fantasia
Endwiztow09 Summoning Circle
Endwiztow10 Void Ritual
Endwiztow11 Soothing Spa
Endwiztow12 Lonely Hermit
Endwiztow13 Griffon S Eyrie
Endwiztow14 Storage Room
Endwiztow14 Storage Webs
Endwiztow15 Dungeon
Endwiztow16 Prism Prison
Endwiztow17 Terrorium
Endwiztow18 Invisible Maze
Endwiztow18 Minitaur S Maze
Endwiztow19 Color Of Light
Endwiztowtop Observatory

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